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Japanese Artists

Famous Japanese artists have come from a variety of different art movements, over many centuries. This website centres in on those of a more traditional style, though we will also touch on modern artists too.

Traditional Japanese artists have a recognisable style which appeals to many art fans all around the world. Their approach seems to suit contemporary homes perfectly and feels strangely modern, despite having come about several centuries ago.

The colours and subtle detail used by the likes of Hiroshige bear clear similarities with Chinese art and these two countries have become popular for those who enjoy art that is slightly ethnic and contrasting to standard western art.

The subjects used also appear to suit most tastes, often including nature and related topics. Exotic, stunning creatures are also frequently depicted by some of the more famous Japanese painters.

Painters have also captured key locations in Japan in their work, most famously Mount Fuji. This mountain appears frequently in the background of endless paintings from the 18th and 19th century.

Since the likes of Hiroshige, Japan has entered modern art with great success. Creative ideas have flooded out of the country and helped it to remain at the forefront of international art.

The most famous artists can be separated into different media as well as by century or era. Japanese artists have used interesting mediums which are unique to their country, before later inspiring others to use them elsewhere.