His arts are displayed at museums and hundreds of people go to see them. The view of Mount Fuji from Lake Suwa is displayed in the great hall and was made in Japan. In the art, Hokusai shows the Mount Fuji just behind the Lord castle Takashima. He used three shades of blue. A fisherman can be seen hauling a large net on his boat. Hokusai's arts was loved by people because he didn't just make art he included the culture and tradition o japan. His art was so personal that he included a hut which definalty speaks to the viewer.

As prints of the iconic work were done some colours were then incorporated. An orange colour is used to insinuate that it was during the golden hour. The view of the Fuji mountain is just as incredible breathtaking as the paintings show them to be. Katsushika Hokusai started painting at very young age mainly because of his uncle's painting works. He was supposed to run a family mirror polishing business later when he was ready but he found a passion in making his art. He would later start painting in public with his student to market their art. He knew the importance of marketing.

He had a long career and was said to be a constant traveller moving from residence to residence. He reportedly didn't like cleaning and when the dirt in his art studio piled up he would move out. Hokusai was very passionate and outspoken about his art he was reported to have sent a letter to an editor stating his dislike for one of the woodcutters. Only an expert can, however, tell the differences on the woodblock or frame. People nicknamed him and he kept on changing his names too. He made a total of approximatly 30000 painting throughout his lifetime which has totally been celebrated by generations.