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Fine Wind Clear Morning by Hokusai

Fine Wind Clear Morning Hokusai

Fine Wind, Clear Morning is one of Housaki’s most famous woodblock prints. It is part of as series of 36 works titled “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji”. This is a series of stunning wood block prints all concerning Mount Fuji and displaying the mountain in various different states. This particular print displays Mount Fuji in […]

Hydrangea and Swallow by Hokusai

Hydrangea and Swallow Hokusai

Hokusai completed Hydrangeas and Swallow in 1833. At its completion, Hydrangeas and Swallow was untitled, and part of a large body of work by Hokusai known simply as Large Flowers. Hydrangeas and Swallow is another excellent example of Hokusai’s treatment of traditional Japanese natural elements. This piece, like so many of Hokusai’s paintings, has the […]