The Fuji mountain is divided into 10 stations for climbers. The tenth station is at the top and the first one is at the bottom where you start. In Hokusai’s thirty-six views of Mount Fuji he brought out the beauty and mystery of the mountains in the best ways. No wonder it became one of his most popular arts that he added some more views to make them forty-six. The art shows very diversified views of the Mount Fuji.

The official climbing season when there is no snow and it’s usually from July to September. The dates, however, vary from year to year. for 2017 it was as follows Yoshida 1st July to September 10 and Subashiri, Gotemba and Fujinomiya also started on July 10 and went up to September 10. Not only is it a favourite time for the local Japanese people but also for tourists. During this time mountain facilities are open and available for climbers to use.

You can also use public transport because the paths are clear and the weather is a bit friendly. People from all over the world to climb Mount Fuji and have to even stand in a line to pass some spots. Climbing with people is the fun part of climbing Mount Fuji. When climbing Mount Fuji you will face the same problem just as climbing other mounts. There are places that are very steep but there are signs placed along the paths warning climbers of an impending strain.

People can also hire a guide to take them up and down the mountain but it is not a necessity most do it by themselves. It is during the climbing season that the mountain huts are open in case you want to spend the night there but there is a fee. To enjoy the full climb you should climb at a slow pace and take breaks in between. A climber should also bring enough water food a flashlight and some money in cases they need to buy something. Also, dressed the part.